Realational Uncerntainty at solo exhibition The Clouds of St. Ghislain, City Gallery of Tallinn, Estonia, 2013

Realational Uncertainty


Installation with sound
UV blacklight, wood, thermoplastic,

office check paper, speakers



Realational Uncertainty is based on representational images of everything connected to the word “cyber” (“cyberspace”, “cybercrime”, “cybersurveillance”, “cybersex”, “cyberlove”, “cyberhate”, etc.). The best visual examples are displaying blue or green, utopic or dystopic environment, depending on the context. Of course this kind of environment doesn´t “really” exist. Therefore I´m concentrating on the basis images to construct spatial form of the “cyber”. This is needed for bringing out clear differences of physical space and representational images.

The work is containing sound recordings made in a data center. With total differences in presence or absence of sound, I´m drawing attention to enormous differences in nice and comfortable consumer objects and important infrastructure.