975203 kW at a solo exhibition Tender Salute in Galerie im Turm, Berlin, Germany, 2015

975203 kW


3-channel synchronized video installation
08:08 min



975203 kW is a digital representation of the sea and maritime transport. The work - created with high end simulation software in a maritime academy - questions constant growth of the world trade, which travels 90% through sea.

On the one hand the material is based on fully functional simulation, where every parameter - speed, mass and properties of the ship and sea - are computed to exactly coincide the real information. On the other hand, chosen scenario does not happen in “real life” and is a representation.


975203 kW is the main work in the

Tender Salute exhibition.

975203 kW at Architecture Biennale Venice in Baltic Pavillion, Italy, 2016

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